Dating sites lava life

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Unfortunately, the product isn’t near as good as their marketing efforts. The real reason we didn’t rank Lava in our Top 5 list of dating sites is simple – we didn’t meet ANYONE.

No dates were set-up because there were no women to set dates up with. We used the same strategies for convincing women of our awesomeness on this site as we did on and other dating sites.

Some people find the interface of Plenty Of Fish to be clunky and inconvenient; Lava Life is clearly a flashier option with more ease of use.

But beyond this the two sites ultimately cater for two different audiences, and which is the best choice will boil down to your personal tastes and needs.

We’re all about honesty and helping men find true love online. It’s all about perfecting the online dating strategies you can learn in our free dating guide.

The site might look pretty at first glance, but in our opinion, it’s just really hard to find your way around on here, and find the kinds of women you want to talk to.That being said, it’s in sore need of some customization that actually makes it look like something other than the typical dating sites that you find anywhere, minus a whole lot of activity associated with it. We were really not that impressed during the extent of our Lavalife review, which means that we can’t imagine sticking around here for that long of a time period.We did three months of this punishment, and in our opinion, the 110 messages that we sent out were a total waste of our time.Lava Life greets us right off with a block of member photos and a quick search form. It gives you a sign up form, but you have to scroll down quite a way to get to any member samples; on the whole it looks rather empty and clunky, like a poor imitation of Facebook. But it’s what inside that counts, so let’s take a closer look at each site.Lava Life has quite a bit of innovation to its name: it is divided into three categories – Intimate Encounters, Relationships and Dating – and you can put your account in any combination of the three.

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