Dating secrets of the ten commandments shmuley boteach pisces dating pisces

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James would get frustrated and, rather than making love, they usually ended up fighting.

Finally, in frustration, he began wasting their money on fantasy lines.

Sex in Judaism is seen as the epitome of Godliness, a transcendent and spiritual experience whose power can render two distinct souls into one indivisible flesh.

The fact is that nothing on this earth can make a man and a woman feel closer to each other than making love.

It makes each participant into a desirable sexual object.

When a man and a woman make love, they emulate the celestial union of the masculine and feminine energies within the godhead, as detailed in the esoteric secrets of the kabbalah.

Whether or not sex is moral and holy does not depend on the sex act itself, but rather on how humans go about doing it.

Many people find themselves trying new things in their affairs, both sexual and not.

Adulterous partners have established the sexual supremacy of their character over and above all other facets, something that is usually not true in marriage.

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