Dating rola celestion speakers

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We’ll primarily focus on the 25 watt version as it’s the most common and plentiful.

The earliest models were nicknamed "greenbacks" because of their green plastic magnet cover.

In later years, the EIA converted to a 4 digit date code so the year could be easily identified.

There are 2 acceptable methods of displaying the EIA date code, with or without a hyphen between the manufacture code and the year/week code.

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But, for the sake of this primer, lets first offer a rundown of the most well known Celestion speakers that have each contributed to make up "The British Sound" over the years.

And THAT basic tone character is what this article will describe from each of the various speakers.

What we are interested in is comparing and contrasting the following Celestion speakers used in Marshalls at various times: G12M 25, G12H 30, G12-65, G12T-75, and the Vintage 30.

The G12M to this writer’s ears is a speaker that changes character and color depending on its use and volume.

It has smooth midrange that is focused right in the middle of the musical spectrum, perfect for guitar.

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