Dating rich older men

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It is no secret that women are attracted to money more now than any time in recent memory, and this is usually for two reasons.

One is that they don't want to work or amount to anything on their own so they want to take the easy way out by marrying rich.

Think of a small piece of bread touching the ground and a 100 pigeons fighting for it.

That's the relationship between the world's truly rich men and the amount of women that want to marry them. What makes matters worse is that this recession has made these women go into desperation mode, meaning the heels are getting longer to impress all the men out there so that their bills can get covered.

All they need is a companion who can spend some quality time with her and be with her through thick and thin.

If you're a good looking man seeking the company of a wealthy woman, all you need to do is join Rich without having to pay a cent.

What we do have a problem with, however, are these pathetic women that rely on their destiny of marrying rich because they are too lazy to work for their own fortune.The women that do end up marrying rich usually have two key characteristics.The first being that they are ridiculously hot and young, so you're 30 year old busted ass isn't going to do it.Rich men are the farthest thing from gullible, which is why they are rich in the first place.They know a thing or two about life and they can see right through a gold digger within seconds.

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