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The pre-war UK version also used these counters, although a car replaced the cannon.

Wartime restrictions caused the metal counters to be replaced by cardboard ones.

The board, the street names and the pre-inflation prices are as they were then. In the 70s, the houses and hotels were made of plastic instead of wood and the packaging and playing pieces moved with the times.

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The boat looks like a battleship from the Second World War.In the 70s the Monopoly man character was joined by train and money symbols, as on the 70s box above. The company that supplied them also made the prizes that went into packs of Cracker Jack, a candy flavoured pop-corn snack which was an American tradition since 1893 .The counters in the first Monopoly set: a boot, a warship, a cannon, an iron, a thimble and a top hat were Cracker Jack prizes from that era.British rail trains of the time were painted in green and black.The Labour Government nationalised the railways shortly after the War.

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