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Anyone Who’s Engaged, Lives Together or is in a Long-Term, Serious Relationship Any couples who are engaged, live together or who have been dating over a year should get a plus-one.

In this day and age, lots of couples live together before they get married—or never get married at all—so acknowledging their commitment is the right thing to do.

I saved my money and ditched the tattered couch I used as a collection area for coats.

In the months that followed it was this practice of checking in with my surroundings that helped to give me greater insight into deeper feelings I wasn’t ready to acknowledge.

When we wait to clean and beautify our space in the expectation of guests, it’s a suggestion that we don’t deserve a deeply satisfying living environment for ‘just us.’ Perhaps you know people who spend a lot on fancy hand towels and good dishes they never use?

Same deal: if aren’t enough of a reason to break out the good stuff and create a living space you love, then it’s time to re-examine how you keep house. Are there any eyesores that have you been meaning to replace for the last six months or more? The living room is the space where we come to relax and catch up with ourselves, and if the first thing you associate with this space is a dead zone or dumping ground, take time to transform it into a haven you’d enjoy unwinding in.

If what you want is a confident, relatively happy partner who adores you and stays in good physical shape, you won’t register on that person’s radar if you’re rumpled awkwardly in the corner, hungry from a lack of proper food in the fridge, tired from wrestling with dirty clothes during sleep and pinched in your last clean pair of panties.

Just because you’re not inviting people into your living space doesn’t mean it’s not obvious to everyone you encounter.

Learning to love my space inspired me to treat differently in the process. And even if I didn’t feel so great, my home was a welcome refuge that cocooned me in loving energy when it seemed hard to muster on my own.Know what happens when the ‘just me’ mentality takes hold?You find yourself pushing aside a mountain of clothes—half dirty or worse—just to get into bed; you eat cereal out of mugs because you don’t have the stamina to load the washer (or to the washer); you let the foam of old shower soap gather and cake in the tub, on the curtain and the mirror you’ve smeared with a tired hand.I don’t have to be a feng shui expert to tell you to clean up your place for optimized energy and flow.And I can say from my own experience that the state of your living arrangement—regardless of whether you rent, share, own or squat—has to do with the overall quality of your life.

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