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Kristen Johnston studied acting at the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School in New York City.

She won two Emmys for her role on 3rd Rock from the Sun (1996).

Really, this was such a blip on the radar that we’re having trouble even calling it a “relationship” bit.

Chalk it up in your “didn’t know/remember that” file and use it to amuse your friends at trivia night (or as a secret weapon the next time you play six degrees of separation).

) In real life they both cheated on each other but Kristen Stewart cheated more.

Really, can you date a girl without offering her a ring? That brief little stint in the nineties with Kristen Johnston!

One favorite was a rather awkward moment when her character Holly ended up straddling a ledge of an open window while her boyfriend (Diedrich Bader) who was underneath her blew cigar smoke up up her skirt."The smoke went up my hoo-ha," she recalled, though adding, "Of course, I didn't feel much because I was actually wearing bicycle shorts underneath my miniskirt."Another episode finds Holly being introduced to online dating—something Kristen has ruled out as far as her own love life."What would I say on my profile: 'Was an alien in the '90s? It ain't so easy for us ladies," said the funny lady.

She stars as Holly Franklin in the sitcom The Exes. fe Happens, Finding Bliss, Vamps, Strangers with Candy, Lovesick, Bad Parents, London Suite, Nobody Knows Anything, Colin Fitz Lives! , The Orkly Kid, Duane Incarnate, Beach Lane, The...

Circle in the Square Theatre School, New York University, Whitefish Bay High School, New York University, Circle in the Square Theatre School, Whitefish Bay High School, 20. In early September 2013 she became ill and later was diagnosed with lupus myelitis.

As a result of the disease she suffers from muscle weakness that led to difficulty walking, especially on the stairs, and she wears an orthopedic collar to keep the head up.

Multidimensional actress Kristen Johnston is best known for her appealing roles in celebrated TV shows such as 3d Rock from the Sun and The Exes, A-rated movies such as Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, The Flinstones in Viva Rock Ages, Ice Age, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Bride Wars, and critically acclaimed stage shows such as The Lights, The Women, Love song and So Help Me Good.

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