Dating hamilton playing cards

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Playing cards had become more popular during World War I and there was now a great demand. During 1926-27 a new factory was built for the manufacture of standard one colour back playing cards.Reel printing was introduced, with photogravure backs and rotary letterpress pips and court cards. In 1926 the General Strike threatened production but the workers took no notice and brought bedding into the works in order to carry on working uninterrupted.

During the 1960s Waddington’s bought La Ducale and then B. In 1974 the leek was added to the ace of spades Hasbro, a large toy company, bought Waddington's Games in 1994.Today there are special editions such as Harley Davidson Monopoly, Star Wars Monopoly and Simpson’s Monopoly. Churchill requested that playing card manufacture be maintained at any cost, so as to provide distraction during the endless hours of boredom in the trenches.In 1935 Ormond Printing was obtained, which meant that playing card production could be delegated to Eire. Packs from this time have cruder quality printing because all the key personnel had been redeployed NOTE: Any pack by Waddington’s that has DLR/Goodall courts has to be post-1941, when Waddington’s took over all printing of DLR cards because of the destruction of the latter’s factory in the Blitz.Cards arrived in Europe sometime in the late 14th century, likely passing through the major port of Venice.A key piece of evidence in this theory is a 15th-century document called the...

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