Dating fender tweed amplifiers

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Plus, in using a pair of them, we shaved about ten pounds of weight off of the amp. We are proud to be associated with Jensen Speakers, and we're looking forward to continued success.

intage bargains are still out there if you’re prepared to take the time to look around, and you aren’t too hung up on originality.

To my ears, the overdrive was a bit ragged, and compared with most tweed-style amps with dual-6V6 output stages, the Vibrolux had a lot more clean headroom.

The tremolo effect was weak and the speed range seemed to be restricted.

We have been using the "modern" Jensen speakers for almost 20 years now.

They compliment the voice of our Vintage Reissue series amps, the staple product family in our line.

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The new Jensen Jet Tornado speakers handle the immediacy of George's soloing style, and offer a somewhat neutral tonal voice, which is great for jazz.

The voice of these speakers is a part of what people think of as the classic Fender sound.

So, it is only natural that we would want to maintain this association.

The serial number and date code on the original mains transformer and potentiometers indicated a manufacturing date of 1957.

A ’57 Vibrolux would have been fitted with a Triad #108 output transformer, but this amp’s transformer product code read 125A1A – making it identical to the Schumacher-manufactured unit Fender installed in 60s Princetons, Deluxes and Deluxe Reverbs.

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