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There is no requirement that you reside in the state after filing, but you must attend any court appearances unless you get permission from the judge to not attend.

The Service Members Service Relief Act (SMSRA) applies to all members of the military.

The plaintiff must meet Michigan’s residency requirements (180 days in the state and 10 days in the county), and properly serve the other party under the service requirements in the Michigan Court Rules.

An out-of-state party can petition the court to allow the case to be moved to another state if the other state has stronger ties to the parties, the property, or the children of the marriage.

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There is no precise rule or formula for awarding spousal support.A complaint for divorce is filed in the clerk’s office of the county you have lived in for at least 10 days prior to filing.It must be filed with the appropriate filing fee and a Summons.The parties to a divorce remain married until a final Judgment of Divorce is entered, resolving all of the issues in the divorce, and the court case is ordered to be closed. A remarriage that occurs before a final judgment of divorce is entered is void and subject to annulment.Because Michigan is a no fault divorce state, only one party has to allege that the marriage is broken.

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