Dating divas truth or dare

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Here’s a free printable with some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing! We’ve even included some blank truth or dare cards so you can come up with your own ideas!

Or, if you aren’t feeling creative, there are SO many pre-made options for you to choose from!

If so, you know how much blood, sweat, and tears goes into planning date night. There are also 1 blank insert per category for you to personalize with your favorite ideas. Give envelope and insert to your spouse the week prior to date night. If you haven’t discovered lunch dates, you’re missing out!

One of the biggest worries is if your spouse is going to like what you’ve planned. This is the exact reason why I love this date idea!!! On top of that you’ve hit the jackpot…You’re not just getting one amazing date idea but FOUR! Give them one day to choose which date they want to do. Sneak out of bed and prepare a picnic for two to enjoy while watching the sunrise. I’m not sure why, but we love lunch dates a little more than evening dates.

You might want to add a dab of adhesive to keep those front/back sides together. Consider having everyone choose a word to contribute OR keep them guessing by selecting those words yourself. No couples game night would be complete without a little competition… Grab your printable Password Game Night pack below and Happy Guessing!

Your printable scorecards will help you keep track of points and add a healthy dose of pizzazz.

Hand your spouse an envelope with choices and let them pick what you two will do for date night.

We’ve taken the pressure of planning date night for you. Now follow the directions on the pdf’s to make your super cute envelopes.

Your Game Guide lists it all but feel free to take a peek below! Assembling your cards is beyond easy and we’ll tell you how to do it.

Start by adhering the 4 dare labels to envelopes and placing the corresponding dare cards inside!

This creative date night idea will be incredibly easy to plan.

There are so many reasons to love this date, my top three are: there is unlimited potential for many future dates, these are man loving date ideas, and date night is easy to pull off!

No more delay, get your Spouse’s Choice Night started!

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