Dating an obsessive man

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What drives a woman to go through a guy's email, linger outside his house in the pouring rain, or ditch her best friends for the chance to possibly run into her crush?The answer may lie within the same tiny area of the brain that fuels your most destructive addictions.Maybe it was because she was new to dating, but she admits, "I was crazy, crazy obsessive." For one thing, she had a hard time accepting that her new guy had ever been with anyone else."I was consumed with his high school girlfriend — a redhead," Berlin recalls.Scarily, it's the exact same circuit that gets triggered in cocaine addicts."Once it's activated, it leaves you highly motivated to get what you're after, whether it's drugs or a person," says Fisher.

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"We've proven that romantic love can be just as powerful as an addiction.

I know someone who, after her boyfriend dumped her, took 10 years to get over it.

Once we get it into our head that someone would be a good life partner, the brain is very well built to turn a person into a doormat." Fisher's MRI studies also suggest that when someone is crazy in love, the insular cortex, a brain region associated with anxiety, lights up like a Christmas tree.

Which is why, when your crush's texts stop coming ("He said he would BRB! Then there's the roiling mix of hormones that make you sexually hungry for the object of your obsession. His age (35) and success were a potent combination, and she was instantly attracted. "He'd pick me up, and we'd go back to his place and have sex," Katz says.

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