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The accounts are temporary and will be deleted automatically after some time.Mailnesia – Aside from inboxes generated automatically upon receipt of an email, Mailnesia even features an automatic confirmation-links click system which is useful if you make lots of sign-ups on web services.Although deemed necessary evils, ads are mostly tailored for the visitor or service user; and to do that, service providers need your data to show you advertisements targeted to you and your user group.

my Trash Mail – Get open and public email accounts created upon receiving mail or sign up for a private and password-protected one to receive mail.You only need to enter the receiver’s email address, subject and the message for the email.Send Anonymous Email – This one operates with a plain interface to enter the sender and receiver’s address, subject and message.Note that there is no way for the receiver to get back to you.Anonymous – Here you will find only a simple form to fill in the receiver’s address, subject and the email content (you can also attach a file to the email if necessary).

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