Dating a manipulator

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I’m more broadly talking about anything that you take an interest in. Then teach yourself the ins and outs of how an engine and carburetor operate. Whether you want to buy a house, save for a wedding, or, like me, travel the world, have a separate bank account with the sole purpose of saving specifically for this dream goal.Then, whatever you do, don’t touch it for any other reason.If a business decision doesn’t seem logical based on your experience, then challenge it.If someone tries to coax you into doing something you don’t agree with, don’t bow down to ‘peer pressure’ – you’ve not a twelve-year old in a playground anymore. If life doesn’t follow any particular sequence then this blog post doesn’t have to either.How many people do you see with flashy cars; designer clothing, and all the latest gadgets, but who carry the facial expression of someone who’s just found a human turd on their lawn?Rather than spending your hard earned dollars on more shit and clutter, put it towards experience and personal development.This will allow you to keep a more accurate track of your finances whilst removing any urge to spend it on a short-term benefit that will only hamper your larger aspirations.When at school and university, I saw my best friends almost on the daily.

If a close acquaintance can’t stop beaming when giving you a synopsis of a movie they recently saw, then make a note to watch it at some point.

Best put by Mark Twain: Next time you have an ‘Oh my God, my life is ruined moment,’ ask yourself: Am I going to prison? Most of what is written on the internet is bullshit. Go and give your mother a call and ask her how she’s doing.

You might even think that this article is bullshit. Go and fix that broken door hinge you’ve been putting off repairing for the past month.

So for anyone struggling out there with uncertainty, here are 20 pivotal life lessons that I’ve learned during my 25 years on this planet.

This is the most important realization I’ve made to date.

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