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However, once processing completes, the cell will still read "1" in the UI. We've tried this syntax to apply our updated Vendor Number to Cells(0), but get the exact same results as using Vendors. I changed our structure somewhat so that the formatting now occurs in the Cell End Edit event instead and that seems to work, but it doesn't explain why the above code worked when the cell's value wasn't actually changed during Edit but it failed when the value was changed. I am glad that you have found a working solution for this scenario.Now, after having done that, if you click the same cell to enter edit mode and then click somewhere else, the same function above will run, only this time the cell in the UI will be updated to display "00001.00" properly. The Validating event is usually used with the Cancel flag if the validation does not pass.

I think that could be the problem and that I'm not telling it the correct column. Data Property Name = "" End Try End If End Sub Thanks Kim Sorry I meant that the error is the error message that is in the message box. While debugging, it is helpful to see the actual error message. Anyways, it looks like you are working with Data Property Name, but it sounds like you really wanted to validate the value of the cell. I'm assuming you're creating your strongly typed datasets and table adapters with the GUI and kind of creating a RAD database program. Show("Amount - Must enter a numeric field", "", Message Box Buttons. You're covering up the actual error message with your own. Message), or set a break point to check out the error message. Kim, Here is some advice which you can choose to accept or disregard, it's up to you.Although I would like to understand this better than I do.routine, and try to add a word into your decimal field of your Data Grid View, and navigate off the record. Column Index Case 0 'Needs to be a decimal Message Box.

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