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Twitter allows users to create parody, satire, newsfeed, commentary, and fan accounts that mimic organizations if they indicate that they are “unofficial” or “fan” accounts. Impostors are damaging not only to an individual’s reputation but also to the U. The individuals or groups establishing impostor accounts can be clever — using different usernames, similar spellings, personal photos, official photos, and even changing the nametape on Soldier’s uniforms. Once notified, Twitter marked the account as a “tribute” or “fan” account.

If you suspect you have identified an impostor account, you should confirm the account is not registered on the U. Soldiers, especially leaders, are prime targets for identity thieves who will use images posted online to create the fake accounts.

Here, you need to decide whether it’s an ‘x’, ‘maybe’, or a ‘check’.

The Carousel shows two kinds of suggestions: ‘Meet’ and ‘Match’.

In addition, it is not possible to remove dating site profiles without legitimate proof of identity theft or a scam.

If you suspect fraud on a dating site, take a screenshot of any advances for money or impersonations and report the account on the platform immediately.

The most common scheme involves criminals, often from other countries -- most notably from West African countries -- pretending to be U. Soldiers serving in a combat zone or other overseas location.It is good practice to search sites regularly for impostors.Impostor accounts are violations of terms of use agreements.Read our full Zoosk review to find out if this particular dating site will work wonders for you.Zoosk dating is known for its extensive network of members, where the majority comes from the United States.

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