College educated women dating uneducated men Yahoo aunties chatting

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“There has been progress towards a ‘post-racist’ society, we are still a long way short of a “post-racial” one,” Quartz concludes.Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.Imagine that.*** * I once argued that this could help explain why gender segregation has dropped so much faster for college graduates.** It was 296 metro areas but I dropped the extreme ones: over 70% female and marriage rates over 0.3.Ignoring for the moment that finding a spouse is at least as important to men (see my July 2014 blog posting) and that single women are not necessarily unhappy, is it even true that highly-educated women face worse marital prospects?Women are attaining higher education than men—71 percent of women graduating high school in 2012 enrolled in college, compared to only 61 percent of male high school graduates (Pew 2012).

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Black women face more difficulties seeking a mate of their educational ilk in comparison to White women “…because of racist attitudes to inter-marriage.” Those are Quartz’swords, quoting a study from sociologist Phillip N. Just 49 percent of Black women marry a well-educated spouse.“The chance for a college graduate to marry another college graduate is likely to be greater if there are more marriages across race lines, since this will expand the pool of potential mates.This is especially true for those from minority racial groups,” Quartz As a result, the costs of “marrying down” are high.Is it implying that less educated men are still winning – they don’t go to college but they still get the pick of all these educated, more promiscuous women? Less educated men are actually facing as challenging a dating and marriage market as the educated women.So for example, among non-college educated men in the U. age 22 to 29, there are 9.4 million single men versus 7.1 million single women.

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