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I don’t really have any desire to go back into television.

If the film’s a success, it could open up doors I don’t even know about.

BILL HEMMER, CNN ANCHOR: The plot of your transfer to film is what?

CHUCK BARRIS, AUTHOR, "CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND": It's the premise -- take a guy who has been crucified by the television critics for trying to entertain people, and meanwhile, [he receives] covert medals and citations from the president for killing enemies of the United States.

You find yourself more than willing to suspend disbelief for the sake of a great story.

But more than this, the book got Barris hooked on the craft of writing, inspiring him to pen several other titles in the following decades.

Mike Myers, Ben Stiller, Nicole Kidman, Johnny Depp …

George Clooney hung in there and asked if he could direct it.

We couldn’t say “God.” We couldn’t say “toilet seat.” We couldn’t say “make love”; we had to say “whoopie.” The far right was all over us, and the critics would crucify us.

HEMMER: How did Clooney do in the debut of the movie? This is his first directing thing, and I think he's one of the best directors. George insisted that he do it, or he wouldn't make the movie, and Sam is great. I want to talk about "The Gong Show." Go back to the '70s.

The back page of each Philly Mag edition was once known as the “Exit Interview,” a Q&A with a famous (or at least semi-famous) Philadelphia ex-pat.

He got Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore, and finally put the picture on film.

PM: You’ve got some high-profile local pals, too: Ed Snider, Pat Croce, [former Philadelphia police commissioner] John Timoney. CB: John always takes part in this Irish musical in South Philly.

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