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Things like, “If you’re sitting at your office, why not hike just the top skirt up an inch so they can see the lace of your slip.

It’s a little suggestive.” You know, all these funny little things that people are like, “We did that! And, I mean, to get to work with Matt and then to get to work with Cameron Crowe, I mean it’s just, I would not have had that opportunity, had it not been for this.

And the way Peggy and Joan bounce between hardly being able to tolerate one another to admiring one another and giving each other advice, I always loved that.

I mean those are obviously her big, long, ongoing [storylines], and her rising in the ranks at work.

What I was really surprised about is before I started the show, I didn’t know that I’d ever met that many people in advertising. People are like “I work for this,” and I’m like “Wow!

” I had no idea — everywhere I go people are in advertising. Well, most of the time they were coming back saying, “Boy, Matt really got it right.” You know, “I really remember that, I really remember that.” Oftentimes their stories were very similar to the things that I read originally when I was doing research for the character, when Matt said read “Sex and the Single Girl” or read “Sex in the Office.” These sort of expectations of a woman in the office, and even just the way you would set up your desk. If a man wants to come by, he’ll stay longer and talk to you if you’ve got a little sweet for him,” you know.

” And I said “I’ll learn French, and I don’t play the piano, but I do play a little bit of the accordion.” And wouldn’t that be way easier to somehow all of a sudden see an accordion in Joan’s apartment than, like, all of a sudden… I think that we just didn’t really know who she was at the beginning. Certainly for me as an actress, I didn’t know who she was.

So maybe it was good that there were just a few here and there because they were so special that I always loved doing scenes with Jon. I just love his character so much, every time he’s onscreen he cracks me up he’s so funny.

I think a lot of people do still think of that at a time of a great deal of change. It was so fun because we would go and have a premiere or do a Q&A or even just being out shopping or something.

And we would either get, “I was Joan,” or “My mom’s friend was Joan,” or “I was Peggy, but I knew Joan.” [laughs] So yeah, so many different variations of it.

With that talent involved, it’s hard to imagine them saying no, but Hendricks will be fine even if they do.

The five-time Emmy nominee has put herself in a great position for the future, even if everyone else is still very focused on her present.

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