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We do not like what happens in other versions of chats, In most current chat systems there are two differentiated chat systems. This is the reason we have always tried our best to allow users of mobile devices to access all our chats.This web chat, like so many others of the time, had its limitations due to the limited available technology.

This way all the users are able to chat with any user connected to the site. In the 90s, IRC chats were the only ones available.You’ll never know if he or she will reconnect to the chat or disappear forever.Every user of the chats knew that when spending a lot of time chatting with someone, it was time for you to ask for their MSN.Going ahead, we are in the early 2000s years where MSN Messenger was the undisputed companion of communication with friends.Did you remember chatting in an online chat and meeting a nice person in a private window? MSN Messenger was like a plugin in online chats to add users to your friend list.

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