Catholic dating guide

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You may not understand why God puts someone in your life or keeps him out, but if He lets it happen, you know it’s His will.

Maybe God simply wanted you to inspire someone to go to Church, or to pray for a soul in need – and we all pray for our exes, There’s a country song that’s great because it’s sung by Garth Brooks, and is also great because it reminds us that God, who created the heavens and earth and has numbered every hair on our heads, knows what he’s doing.

A lot of pieces have to fall into place for two people to come together, fall in love, and build a holy foundation.

And we have God to thank for every one of those occurrences.

I’m all about putting yourself out there on dating sites, mingling with other people your age at events, and re-applying that lipstick for a trip to the grocery store. Love won and lost is the reason for Taylor Swift’s genius musical output and is the inspiration for many a great book and movie. But don’t forget to pray to know God’s will and to do it!

Let your love life be one of learning, laughter, and self-discovery. If you’re not doing God’s will, how can he lead you on the dating path that leads down the aisle?

Faithfully carrying out the teachings of the Catholic Church is not easy, especially when so much of modern culture is contrary to what we believe. The person you marry should want the same basic things out of life and marriage as you do: to live in a way that brings you closer to God and ultimately prepares your soul for admittance to the Heavenly Kingdom.

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It’s easy to be caught up in the charm of a beguiling smile or the prestige of a well-paying career, but vanities fade quickly.

If a guy isn’t exactly what you thought you were looking for, give him a chance anyway. You’ll probably date a handful of men, at least, in your matrimonial journey.

It’s natural and healthy to have different and diverse experiences to figure out what you really want and what you definitely, really do Sometimes, however, you may look back at certain relationships that ended nebulously, or to relationships that didn’t happen at all, and think, “What if?

The point is – God loves you and wants you to seek and attain His love.

If marriage is your vocation and you ask God for help, He’s not just going to let you flounder around helplessly dating deadbeats ‘til you die. to be assigned to the same dorm which led to their acquaintance.

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