Carbon dating of opa oranmiyan

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He said: “Before some kings are installed, the sword of office for each of these kings must be removed from the the Oranmiyan Shrine and given to them.” Also, according to the guide, the Oranmiyan Staff plays a role in the installation of a new Ooni of Ife since the staff, an embodiment of not just the spirit of Oranmiyan, but of all the other Ooni that had ruled Ile-Ife.

The guide further said: “The attributes of Oranmiyan must be embraced by the Ooni. Some of these attributes are within the shrine and with the staff of Oranmiyan.

” The question is whether complex societies are possible without a central leader.One of the top attractions at Ile-Ife is the Oranmiyan Staff (Opa Oranmiyan). A visit to the ancient city of Ife would not be complete without seeing the staff.The staff is above 18 feet and has some intricate designs on it. The Oranmiyan Staff can be seen at the Oranmiyan Shrine at the Arubidi quarter of Ile-Ife.Although certain traditional rites are performed there, it is still open to tourists.But there are some parts of the shrine that could only be accessed by the initiates.

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