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As previously advised, I had decided to terminate my, "Were the radiocarbon dating laboratories duped by a computer hacker? One must immediately undeceive them and make it clear that in the best of conditions and after averaging the three results given by the laboratories, there can be nothing closer than a span of 200 years.

AD 1260-1390..."[4] • The midpoint of 1260-1390 is 1325 ±65 years.

Are the claims of young earth creation science ministries truthful?

Visit the young earth creation science ministry rebuttal home page for more truth in creation science.

There are many periods of decreasing C-14, which disproves his theory that the earth is young based on C-14 equilibrium.

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He starts out with an explanation of what carbon dating is, which proves to be adequate for this discussion.

For example, building on the work of others, I presented historical and artistic evidence in my posts, "Revised #1," "Revised #2 (Vignon markings)," "Revised #3" and "Revised #4 which proved beyond reasonable doubt that the Shroud existed in the early 13th century (c. 950), well before its earliest 1260[9] radiocarbon date.• Therefore the 1988 radiocarbon dating of the Shroud as AD 1260-1390 was wrong.However, geologists know this, and would never try to prove that something is millions of years old based on carbon dating.The major mistake Hovind makes in this article relates to his claim of equilibrium.Therefore, the basic question which Hovind is answering is no.Carbon dating cannot prove that something is millions of years old.

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