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A husband and wife are not “forced” to prioritize each other; rather they “get to” prioritize one another. This commitment and responsibility is not present in dating.

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Christian Boyfriends and Girlfriends Should Not Pretend to Be Husbands and Wives The first thing we should remind ourselves of is that dating and marriage are worlds apart.The rules of marriage have nothing to do with the rule of dating.There’s some similarities here and there, but overall dating and marriage are not even similar.While Christian dating can be really exciting, people end up hurting themselves when they start acting like husbands and wives when in reality they are boyfriends and girlfriends, which is not even a title mentioned in Scripture. It is meant to be an intentional season of gauging whether or not a guy and girl want to become a husband and wife. It should always be a short-term process that has an intentional function – figuring out if two people should get married or not. A wife should only make this sacrifice in her life when a man has earned this right of her allegiance. She should not allow any man to get the privileges of a husband without also taking on the responsibility of a husband.Once this guy and girl know they do not want to get married, they should breakup. A Girlfriend Should Not Follow Her Boyfriend Because Her Boyfriend Has Not Earned the Right to Lead A Christian wife cannot be forced to respect her husband’s leadership. The leadership of a husband is not to be a one-sided affair where the man uses it to his own advantage.

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