Can grad students dating professors

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And, he adds, it could be misleading to assume that graduate students are more resilient because they are usually older and so more mature.“That doesn’t recognize that graduate students can be very vulnerable professionally and educationally in ways that undergraduates are not,” he says.The Ivy League university announced last week it has banned all faculty members from “initiating or engaging in romantic or sexual relationships" with any graduate students.

“In the last couple of years, universities have essentially gone in one direction, which is to make their policies more restrictive,” he says.Anna Waymack, a graduate student in Medieval studies who co-chaired the Cornell review committee, was surprised at the levels of disagreement.“There was no consensus on even the most basic ideas of consent and what constitutes a relationship or what constitutes a conflict of interest.” She says it’s right to put more restrictions on relationships involving undergraduates, because unlike graduate students they have not chosen and committed to a particular field.He says policies need to reflect the individual circumstances of each university.MIT, for example, has many professional schools and adult education programs, so many of its graduate students are much older than some of the faculty.

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