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However, she has not revealed her net worth and salary in the media.In the other hand, her husband Brian Stelter the outstanding journalist has created tremendous wealth thanks to his extraordinary talent, which has drawn the attention of CNN.Beforehand, he had just filled in as a therapeutic journalist for the New York Times and the editorial manager of television Newser.

Jamie gained weight during her pregnancy, which is normal.

On May 21, 2017, Jamie was in the top nine when she finally gave birth to her daughter Sunny, who was born without health problems.

Although Jamie had many pregnancy problems, she did not give up her children. Jamie Shupak is delighted to have the support of her family members and can not wait to add another member to the team.

With the wealth of experience he gained while working in the Towson Media Center, he found it easy to navigate the journalistic world as he wrote about various events, rallies, and well-known cases that were in vogue in the US.

Jamie is active on social sites like Instagram and Twitter.

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