Brendan fraser now dating

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In addition, he is set to appear in flashback sequences as the character of Larry Trainor.

Meanwhile, Matthew Zuk portrays Negative Man in a full-body costume.

And yes, that’s something that deserves at least a little bit of respect.

Now, this is gonna be painful, but let’s look at he the cold, hard data, folks… Of course, he’s had a few obligatory clunkers that haven’t been so lucrative: Airheads, Dudley Do-Right, and Looney Tunes: Back In Action; but he’s also done some real acting in dramatic films: School Ties, Gods and Monsters, and The Quiet American.

Also executive producing the series are Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti and Berlanti Prods' Sarah Schechter.

Berlanti Productions produces in association with Warner Bros Television.

Also spotted in the photos were actresses Diane Guerrero and April Bowlby who will be playing Crazy Jane and Elasti-Woman respectively. Fans didn't know who would play the character until recently.

Fraser is also undeniably adept at reacting to CGI effects in front of a green screen.Even worse, rumor has it that Paul Haggis, the director of that notorious Oscar-winning atrocity otherwise referred to as “Crash,” was only able to secure financing after Fraser signed onto the project, so it can be said that, without Fraser, there may very well have been no Crash.At this point, one cannot be blamed for wanting to time-travel back to the pre-Crash era to reach down Fraser’s throat and pull his balls upwards through his mouth before kicking them mercilessly.In fact, Brendan Fraser has nearly become a parody of himself in a larger-than-life, cartoonish sort of way as a floppy-haired (hairpiece alert!) hero; a self-deprecating halfwit, who is willing to wear only a loincloth and is powered by an ironic, tongue-in-cheek bravura.

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