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The legend added that she had been working since she was eight.

This is one of the Fans might remember Carol Brady stating that the family lived at "4222 Clinton Way" in one episode.

"I'm sorry if she took offence." producers wanted the three daughters to have hair that matched their mom's and the boys and their dad have a contrasting hair color.

When Robert Reed was cast as Mike Brady, the rule meant that the boys must all have dark hair.

When Sherwood Schwartz began working on the pilot script for the series, he temporarily called the sitcom creator Sherwood Schwartz was initially inspired by a newspaper article for the story, but sometimes he used his home life for new material for the show. She eventually became a producer herself and revealed that her dad would often draw from their lives.

The actor was so good for the part of youngest son Bobby Brady that Sherwood hired him, even though he had blondish hair.The show was filmed at the Paramount lot in California.Furthermore, the house that they used for filming was in fact in Los Angeles, California. The house still does exist, but the address is has an undeniable alliterative ring to it, but it wasn't always the name of the beloved sitcom.The new technique was officially called the "multi-dynamic image technique," but most people know it as the "Brady Bunch effect." The opening credits show exactly what the technique is about: Several images shifting simultaneously on planes. The multi-dynamic image technique was showcased for the first time in Christopher's 1967 film Florence Henderson perfectly captured the spirit of Mrs.Carol Brady and she has earned a special place on many TV Greats lists thanks to the part alone.

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