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provides a compelling case for male-female relationships that glorify God and serve the good of those involved.Ensor paints an attractive picture of how the complementary roles of men and women are rooted in the gospel and bear the fruit of mutually-satisfying relationships.Here’s a helpful list that captures the essence of biblical love as expressed in the context of marriage: What is Biblical Love?

This book blends the author's personal journey from singleness to marriage with the biblical perspective on marriage.God’s love toward us is expressed in His grace that saves, sanctifies, and provides security to us.In part, marriage is an extension of God’s grace toward another sinner, an imperfect human being created in His image and hopefully, saved by His grace.The gospel is clear and is presented as the necessary foundation for all relationships, especially those of a romantic nature.The first part of the book describes biblical manhood and womanhood.

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