Boston executive dating

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The upscale firm describes its typical client as “smart, successful and elegant.” “Wealthy” must be a given as well, considering the service starts at ,000 per year of unlimited matches in one city.

We would like to thank all of our customers who frequented Vincent’s on Thursdays for the last 30 years plus.A company representative insisted to me that she had been in touch with Bluthardt as recently as two months ago. The matchmaker may have confused Bluthardt with someone else or was trying to bluff me. I got to know Bluthardt over coffee at Caffe Nero in South Boston, where he lives.He’s tall and thin with shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes.Before launching the luxury matchmaking service, Adler was an executive headhunter at search firm Encore.Adler says she took Fortune 500 executive recruitment strategies and modified them into her company’s matchmaking process.

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