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By putting in moves that were dictated by the beat, we tried to have our choreography express the dignity of TVXQ and to send the following message: ‘We’ll be taking control of the stage.’”Reporters then turned to the strong bonds between TVXQ and their labelmates.Both Changmin and Yunho revealed, “At the time of our comeback, Lee Soo Man sent us a text saying that we were ‘jackpot.’ He gave us his support, asking us to do our best from now on. The fact that he’s even by our side gave us a source of strength.Those values are personal problems, and I don’t want to go into anything long-winded on that. I just want them to solve the dispute with our company, and hurry up and come back. The media has been creating an issue out of it, and the situation has turned into an offensive and defensive battle.I think it’s definite that people are curious for the thoughts from all five of us. And even if we want to contact them, their numbers have changed, so we might not have accepted the call because of the unfamiliar number.

When asked about the reason behind the break-up, he gave a bitter smile and replied that it was due to their international promotions.

What I want to say is that all five exist in this spot because we shared a time of precious hardships. There’s been a lot of prank calls lately, it’s difficult for us to take every call.

When I first read Junsu’s tweet, I thought, ‘He’s making a mistake.’ I can get over what he said about me, but to use the term ‘enemy’ against not only our staff, but to our seniors as well, was not right of him.

Yunho started, “We came back for the first time in two years and three months, and I swelled with emotions when I saw how many fans came.

I wanted to show everyone an amazing live and worked hard to achieve it, but unfortunately, I caught a cold.

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