Biblical dating principle

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When you engage in sex, or any sexual activity for that matter, outside of marriage it is sin.

1 Thessalonians 4:3 (ESV) says, Both of these verses use the term “sexual immorality,” which is the Biblical term that covers all forms of sexual activity outside of marriage.

But here is the tricky part – the Bible doesn’t address dating. Second, we look into God’s Word and draw principles out of it that can be applied to dating. We need to show them clear Biblical principles that can and should be applied to dating so they can go about it in a way that honors and glorifies God.

Yep, dating is never mentioned or even referred to in God’s Word. Here are some Biblical principles that can and should be applied to dating relationships.

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If we would encourage Christians to marry Christians, doesn’t it make sense to encourage Christians to date other Christians? In this video, Tim Keller explains how it’s not practical for Christians to date non-Christians.

In her book “It’s fine to have friendships with non-Christians, but do not commit to anyone who does not share your same faith.

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