Beer steins from germany dating 1909

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However, a stein may have lost its lid or was issued without one - as is often the case, but it's still a stein.I've read learned opinions on this issue and am none the wiser.The Bellingham Bay Brewery gave away mugs for promotions and their 1906 ad referred to them as steins!So as not quibble over semantics, for the purpose of this discussion - they're all steins.This Olympia stein, like the afore mentioned version, was also reproduced in the ‘70s, buy a number of makers.

Through common usage it's understood that a stein has a lid, and a mug does not.

The of Portland (1862-1928) was Oregon’s largest brewery.

They issued at least four steins, this one, in light gray, for general distribution in Portland. Weinhard" on the front, which was sufficient information for the local market.

It's an odd choice since Rainier didn't use the Munich Child in any of its advertising.

There is one other variation of this Diesinger stein that's also in my collection. Mc Carthy (who was to become the 5th Governor of Hawaii).

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