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Class of ’66er Thomas Hodgson of West Tisbury arrived here from the Cape as an infant, so he’s technically a wash-ashore, although he embraces his identity as a “local.” A true, hidebound local.

Popular,” Jeffrey Madison, a party boy who surprised everyone by skedaddling off to law school and becoming a judge, for crying out loud!He’s based in Aquinnah, but hears cases in tribal affairs in Mashpee.The effervescent Louella Johnson was born in Quincy, landed here at the age of 3, became a Montessori teacher, raised two daughters, and now has two grandkids living down the street.Even considering the strife and challenges of living through seven decades — some of these Island ’66ers had lost spouses and even children — no one appeared disappointed with his or her present lot in life, and, truly, all the usual melodrama of adolescence had long been laid to rest.For example, Faith “Hasty” Runner had been a transplant from Westport, Conn., but she remembers her Island classmates, in retrospect, as “darling.” She recalls a certain amount of cliqueishness among the kids who’d known each other since grammar school days (such as attendees Nancy Abbott and Rosalie Bassett Domont, who grew up across the street from each other in Edgartown and were still joined at the hip at the party), but now Faith swears now that those long ago cliques don’t matter anymore.

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