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There isn’t as much of a modernist, feminist careerist mentality among Latvian girls compared to their neighbors.

This makes their personalities more pleasant to deal with. Unlike their Estonian sisters, they don’t feel as compelled to ally with the “Nordic” mentality or be a modern overachiever.

Less religious girls seem to be in Riga, but there seems to be a mix of fast and slow as well.

The easiest girls will be from the hipster clubs who show a clear western orientation.

In terms of responses, Latvian girls are very friendly and chatty.A friend of mine who has spent some time in Riga can’t stand the Russians but seems to like the local hipsters.In general though, there are plenty of Latvian girls in the 7 range, which makes for an overall pleasant atmosphere, girl-wise.Latvian girls, despite having a different language, are aesthetically actually similar to Estonian girls.They have this tall, slim Nordic/Slavic mix of a look with cute but not perfect faces.

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