Asp net dropdownlist selected value not updating

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Before that, though, you could try setting Selected Value to Bind("Dsr Number"). You can pass it the necessary items, and return the value you want.

Also, I'm still not sure why you're checking for the selected value since the list will have no selection when the grid is bound. Let me explain and you can tell me if I'm just doing it backwards. The Select contains a Button "Dag Details", which is displayed as a Viewer Frame in Autodesk Map Guide.

Thanks for the help, Well I've purged what I had done but it wasn't much.

Basically I tried to create a public functiothat would find the dropdownlist in the item template and then check the list for nulls, but I couldn't get very far because I don't really even know where to call that function from to get it to run when you click the edit button.

Every node is tied to a Sales Person in a different table via their identification number.

Since I already have the database populated with the data I want to use I won't need to do any inserting, only updating.

But I am stuck on this issue and I have yet to find any help on the item after searching these forums and the web. We have predefined nodes which I have added to a Database.Matthews -- forgive me for coming in late here -- you'll want to check for "If ddl Is Nothing", not "If ddl= DBNull".At this point you don't have a ddl to set, so the line inside the condition is unnecessary.Is there a default value you could set in the parent record, so that a certain selection would always be made?If not, you could set Selected Value (in the tag) to a function that takes the Dsr Number field value, and if it's null, convert it to a string or change and send it back. Second issue first: if ddl is nothing, then you can't set properties on ddl, now can you :-D Rather than usnig a Sub, why don't you just assign a Function to the Selected Value property as illustrated above?

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