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I could feel their eyes on me at all times, and for about a month I was terrified and intimidated by it.That was before I learned, however, that 1) it’s normal for men to stare at women, however unfortunate that behavior may be, and 2) it was largely because I was new in town AND I looked super American with my backpack and my Merrell sneakers and my Nalgene bottle. ” And we watch them go by, whispering excitedly, as the foreigners shake their heads and say, “Albanians are so rude, staring at us like that…” 10. Send them a flirt and see what they think about your profile, albanian boys love this.Members can do albanian chat with each other and send messages to sexy albanians when they are offline.

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Albania is one of the most interesting countries I’ve come across in a long time.

Sometimes I’ll accidentally do it to an American, though–either another Volunteer or a friend or family member online–and they stare at me in shock, offended by my crassness. One of my least favorite things to do is paying my bills at the post office, because the guy there is really mean and makes fun of my Shqip, but also because there’s about ten people there at a time and they all just shove their way in front of you no matter how long you’ve been standing there waiting.

The more time passes and the more people cut me, the feistier I get, until before I know it I’m throwing a poor old allotments yet. Staring at people who look different: When I first came to Albania, I was appalled by how many people–men in particular–shamelessly stared at me everywhere I went.

Any combination of these qualities catches my fancy: intelligence, wit, down-to-earth, practical optimism, Cleveland sports fan, humorous, left-leaning politics (socially and economically).

Tell me the truth upfront, even if it hurts me, versus hiding something from me. hello , just a little about me , my name is Magdalene and am a very loyal , sincere, trustworthy, loving , faithful , i have a dark hair and am single looking for some chats and see what happens in the future..i am look..

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