After updating bios cmos checksum bad

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CMOS is a circuitry design/chip while cmos battery (mostly CR2032 on computers) powers the cmos so that it can retain whatever data the cmos holds even when for example a PC (with the BIOS configuration) is turned off.

As to the OP's problem, maybe clearing cmos through a jumper on the motherboard might resolve the checksum error.

but its fine After I did a clean install of Windows XP....

after updating bios cmos checksum bad-63

ROM" whereas in the ASUS website and you download the BIOS file the extension in ". AMI" Read on section 2.1.4, Recovering the BIOS with Crash Free BIOS2. Burn both files (AMI and ROM and the AFUDOS program to CD and let Crash Free BIOS do its thing.In a laptop, it could be sheathed in a holder of some type and be more expensive. Looking at the age of your machine pic above you might think is so old, is it worth repairing?In your location the chip may be difficult to obtain. Everything seemed to be fine but the I saw the following text. After flashing a new bios on my Supermicro X8SIL motherboard due to it being old I looked at what finshed after the bios flash was complete.

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