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Meanwhile, perhaps the Habsburg Group members will now have a few sleepless nights. He may also be asked to provide far more details about the law firms, banks, consultants, and former European politicians he paid over the years as he secretly and unlawfully lobbied for Ukraine’s Viktor Yanukovych.Stephan Richter discusses Brexit on Germany's ARD-Presseclub (April 14, 2019)Publisher's welcome What is Globalism? Significantly, immediately prior to the court filing, on September 13, 2018, Manafort agreed to plead guilty to a obstruction of justice and a catch-all “conspiracy against the United States,” which include failing to register as a lobbyist for a foreign government. The VIP team that Manafort created is referred to repeatedly in the court documents as the Habsburg Group, which is coordinated by former Austrian Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer. government now, given that just a few weeks ago Manafort was found guilty of charges that included bank fraud, million of money laundering and million of tax evasion.For example, Aleksander Kwasniewski was allegedly receiving cash as a member of Habsburg Group at the same time as he co-led a European Parliament (EP) mission to Ukraine to monitor conditions there.The then-EP President Martin Schultz declared at the time: “The mission’s reputation of impartiality and independence is a great asset to both the EU and to Ukraine, and it is part of a process of increasing engagement, which has to continue.” The Commission had positive things to say about Ukraine, which must have brought a wide smile to Manafort’s face.

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To keep this resource 100% free for users, we receive advertising compensation from the sites listed on this page.Continue reading The East African Community (EAC) is a regional intergovernmental organisation of six (6) Partner States, comprising Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, with its headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania.The EAC is structured into seven main Organs: The EAC Trade Information Portal (TIP) gives access to step-by-step guides on licenses, pre-clearance permits and clearance formalities for the most traded goods within, to and from the East African Community EAC).Visit Platform With the Data Portal, you can visualize Socio-Economic indicators over a period of time, gain access to presentation-ready graphics and perform comprehensive analysis on a Country and Regional level.What is one to make of the secret activities of the Habsburg Group? Leading members include former European Commission President and former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi, as well as former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski.

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