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“Kids will have a group chat just for that class with their friends to talk about homework, projects, etc.,” he tweeted.

“Specifically, he was being left out of group chats because he was on Android and turned the thread green.” When I asked him why he made the jump, he sounded a bit remorse. His quote verbatim, "we would start a new group chat, and the group would realize I was the reason it was green, and they would start another group chat without me — Ben Bajarin (@Ben Bajarin) August 15, 2019s Mike Masnick talking about it way back in 2015.

In the meantime, Apple surely wouldn’t mind if more people like Ben’s Android-enthusiast teenage friend switched over to i Phones because of i Message. Outside those markets, i Phones aren’t as ubiquitous.

Bajarin: While I have zero evidence of this, I’d wager a strong bet the group at Apple who designed this did extensive research on the most off-putting color of green in existence and chose that for the green bubble color. In the rest of the world, people use a wider diversity of messaging apps, such as Whats App, that are fully cross-platform.

Analyst Ben Bajarin recently talked to a teenage boy at his daughters’ school who had defected from an Android phone to i Phone because of “i Message lock-in.” The boy said he was tired of being shut out of i Message group chats because messages from his Android phone were showing up as green bubbles and his i Phone-using pals, whose messages appear in blue bubbles, didn’t like it.

Bajarin has teenage daughters, and he’s involved in their school, so he’s positioned to know.

Net Lingo is also tracking a global list of worldwide text terms and international online jargon!

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The actual definition of an acronym and text shorthand is here.By organizing your church into different groups and ministries on Flocknote, you can get the message to exactly who needs it, and to no one who doesn’t.Plus your members can reply directly to any email or text message you send, vote in polls, RSVP to events and more!There is some psychology at play here for sure, and that was brilliant by Apple’s i Message team.s Michael Grothaus points out, that bad experience might cause some chat groups to move to other platforms entirely, like Facebook’s Whats App or Messenger, to accommodate the Android user in the group. Even though i Message lock-in isn’t really Apple’s fault from a technical standpoint, the fact that kids are being shut out of conversations with peers because of a technology disconnect is troubling.That would take those people out of the Apple ecosystem, Grothaus says. Teenagers have have enough trouble fitting in and getting along.

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