Adult whip cream chat

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* Tracy and Tim had planned on a quiet Valentine weekend alone at the mountain cabin. For ten seconds her head moved around in a circle licking off the cream.

"You better get some clothes on." "Shit," Tracy gasped. She tried to lift back upward but he was too strong.

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Her hand held his wrist as her head moved slowly back and forth. She looked at his bare thigh underneath the edge of his shorts.

"Jesus Tracy," Tim gasped when she almost exposed the tip of his shaft.

"All's fair in love and games," she giggled and moved back. She knew that Mike wanted to see how far his friends would go.

It was still new to her but she knew that when her tongue touched the tip of a cock the man was hers.

"Ahhh," Mike moaned when he felt her tongue slip gently under his shorts and boxers. He was surprised to see Tracy smiling as Melissa's cream covered face moved up and away.

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