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Lisfranc injuries tend to damage the cartilage of the midfoot joints.Cartilage covers the ends of bones in the joints, allowing the joints to move smoothly.A twisting fall can break or shift (dislocate) these bones out of place.The Lisfranc joint complex includes the bones and ligaments that connect the midfoot and forefoot.

It is often seen when someone stumbles over the top of a foot flexed downwards.Specific things your doctor will look for include: Other tests that the doctor may order to help confirm your diagnosis include: X-rays.Broken bones (fractures) and the position of the bones can be seen in an x-ray picture.Injuries can vary, from a simple injury that affects only a single joint to a complex injury that disrupts multiple different joints and includes multiple fractures.(Left) A subtle injury to the midfoot with widening between the first and second metatarsals (circle), compared with the normal foot on the left.

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