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In 1939 alone, for example, Jewish businesses fell from 162 to 27 at year's end.

In 19 approximately 3,000 were murdered in the camps and en route by German soldiers.

I had not previously given much thought to the trip or I most certainly would have called her earlier; but on the very morning I was planning to set out on that journey, I now telephoned, asking whether it might be possible to visit her.

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In 1986 I attended the Frankfurt Book Fair as I did many years throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Throughout the meal, however, they seemed jovial and questioned me on my work and Perla, who I could unabashedly claim, I adored.

The meal shared much in common with the ones I'd celebrated on Rosh Hashanah in Baltimore, with gefilte fish, lamb, sweet potatoes with prunes, and challah.

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