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Sophia Jane Myles was born on March 18, 1980 in Hammersmith, London, England. Her parents are Jane and Peter Myles, who is a vicar, a priest in the Anglican Church who is in charge of a parish and receives a salary, but not the tithes of the church. Sophia lived in Notting Hill until she was 11 and attended Fox Primary School.Her father was later relocated to Isleworth, a suburb west of London.What I do for a living means that people look at me. You are not just dealing with your looks privately, you are on display. You can get a bit bored of finding out about yourself. There's nothing that's stopped me picking up a newspaper in the past, and it's something I really should start to do.I have never been 100 percent comfortable in my own skin. I know so many acting careers that are deliberately kickstarted by a publicist placing a bit of rubbish in a newspaper. If someone recognizes me, I want it to be because they've seen me in something, not because they have seen me at something.Soon, Sophia began working on Art School Confidential (2006), directed by Terry Zwigoff (Ghost World (2001)) playing an American who is the muse of a student in art school.

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Doctor Who star David Tennant has called time on his two-year relationship with Sophia Myles, it has been claimed.

He stressed that it was no one else and it was just one of those things."It's been hard for them both because she's been filming in LA and David's been working in the UK."Tennant met Miss Myles on the set of Dr Who shortly after he landed the Time Lord role in the hit BBC1 show.

Only last year Miss Myles, best known for playing Lady Penelope in the 2004 film of Thunderbirds, told how happy she was with Tennant and said she wanted to start a family with him.

I didn't really know who Terry Zwigoff was at this point and then it was actually James Franco who told me Terry Zwigoff is really good and you should think about that and I said "No, no, no, no I couldn't possibly." Apparently, Terry scoured the country and I think other parts of the world...

he is very, very picky about his casting and the producer had apparently got him by the throat and said "Look just tell us what you want." There was about two weeks left before shooting and he said 'I don't know maybe like a young Kate Winslet' and I had met the producer Rus Smith when I was 21 in L. and he said "Okay I know where she is, that is fine" and they tracked me down.

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